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Rockville 2069 - a rock opera


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  • The two hour sound track is a musical journey that dovetails perfectly with every word in the graphic novel. Whether it be the narrator with dramatic under score, emotive scores in the spoken and sung through parts, or the songs that weave in between the magic of music and visuals, your experience will be like a lyric roller coaster ride you will want to take again and again. Embrace the sounds of an orchestra, rock band and techno elements .

    Estimated delivery: August 2018

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  • Our Rock On! reward allows donors to be part of our global journey. . We will create a unique newsletter and give you a heads up of all the events and announcements to be made, as well as invitations and discounts to shows. You get the inside track ! It's going to be both exhilarating and exciting. From secret events to our album preview sessions, reaching our goals together is what this journey is all about. Rock is forever , Rock On!

    Estimated delivery: March 2018

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